Careers centre

Security is a people-intensive and people-reliant business. The retention, vetting, motivation and management of that crucial human resource is the cornerstone of our strategy. We believe that our people:

  • Should understand our commitment is them and theirs is to the company and customers
  • Be encouraged to maximise their personal potential
  • Be dealt with fairly, justly and without any discrimination at all times
  • Receive rewards and recognition commensurate with their contribution to the company and its customers

Role Profiles and Competencies

Complementing our Equal Opportunities policy, our approach to recruitment is to select against competence / skills required for a particular role. To that end we utilise a wide range of objective assessment methods, which are adapted to specific role requirements.

Employee Retention

We have recognised employee stability as being a crucial indicator of job satisfaction and also a key requirement of customers who want a stable customer security team on their premises. To that end we have a number of management practices that concentrate on emphasising to our employees the value that we place on our workforce and thereby having a positive effect on employee retention. Some of these are as follows:

  • series of welfare interviews in addition to standard supervisory visits by our Welfare Officers
  • Monthly measurement of reasons for labour turnover from leaver questionnaires/interviews
  • Corrective action taken in relation to the outcome of the above information
  • Formal employee recognition systems
  • Internal communication via local newsletters and national internal ‘newspapers’